Meet Dr. David Bo

The collaboration between Dr. Bo’s office and ours is seamless.
I refer my patients to Dr. Beech and Dr. Reid because they work great with our patients. The staff here is great, very friendly. The collaboration between our office and Dr. Beech and Dr. Reid’s office is seamless, and I believe it really benefits our patients. Dr. Beech is a great surgeon. He’s a great guy ethically. He stands by his work, he does great work, and I think he makes the right decisions when it comes to patient care. Dr. Reid is also a great guy. He’s a really easy guy to get to talk to, to work with, and he does wonderful work. Having two great oral surgeons working together, collaborating on ways to treat patients and handle them, gives us the ability to really send patients over here and feel confident that they’re going to be treated well. I will definitely continue to recommend my patients coming to Dr. Beech and Dr. Reid. I feel my patients are in great hands here.

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