Post-operative instructions:
bone graft

Bone grafting procedures

Some surgical procedures include the application of a synthetic bone grafting material with or without the placement of a cytoplast membrane. You may notice small white granules around the grafting site. This is normal, and as the grafting material settles in, these sand-like granules will dissipate. Sutures are commonly placed at the surgical site to help with optimal healing and integration of the grafting material. Sutures typically will last between 7–10 days and dissolve on their own. Please follow a SOFT DIET for approximately 7–10 days so as not to compress the graft. Refer to the dietary instruction sheet given for dietary suggestions. Refrain from using straws when taking in fluids, and please do not rinse your mouth for 3 days. If your procedure included the placement of a cytoplast membrane, you may notice a portion of the membrane becoming exposed through the tissue. There is no need for concern; the membrane can be trimmed or removed at your next visit.